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    When you’re on top of your game in life, generally you are balanced in mind, body and spirit.

    Complete Integration in all 3 areas will allow you to show up in the world as the best version you can be.

About Us
With close to 20 years working with people across a wide range of conditions, it's been fantastic to have been able to give people breakthrough's with previously resistant health issues.

I work in my own unique way and can give some context on how I use all the techniques listed to achieve long term changes for my clients.

Our ‘whole’ body is made up of an energetic body and a physical body, thus we are governed by TWO sets of laws. Energetic or as the Chinese will call it ‘Five Element Laws’ and ‘Neurological/Central Nervous System Laws’, which need to work together and communicate effectively to make the body run efficiently. Gaps in either of these systems causes dysfunction in the body and just like a computer will slow down and have a reduction in performance i.e health.

When you are experiencing life, you are feeling, seeing, hearing and touching, tasting and all engages both systems, so for example when you experience an emotional trauma say, that is stored in your emotional body, in your aura, and allows you to plug into that negative event when triggered, thus creating a ‘dangerous’ event your Brain must create a response to, which creates a ‘fight or flight’ response in the body which will put your Central Nervous System into survival mode, thus drastically reducing your body’s performance…impacting all the CNS governs such as digestion, hormonal transport, waste elimination, nutrient uptake, blood pressure, muscular/skeletal alignment to name a few.

All anybody wants to feel is safe and secure, and your body is the same, if the energy template is balanced and the CNS is safe and secure, you will experience greater mental, emotional and physical health, the root causes of ongoing issues will resolve and the complete integration of your 'whole body' will have you feeling happy, strong and healthy.
  • Holistic Kinesiology

    As kinesiologists, we are an interpreter for your body to communicate what is limiting it from operating in balance or 'homoeostasis', where ultimate health is. This is done via muscle testing and various questions we can ask the body through complex techniques to gain a picture of body, mind and spiritual health and formulate a way of using all our techniques to achieve total wellness your body is asking for.

  • NST - Advanced Bowen Therapy

    This is Neurostructural Integration Technique which is a heightened use of 'Bowen Therapy', which uses specific reflex points on the body to balance the Central Nervous System and initiate a program for the CNS to begin to unwind dysfunctional patterns in your physical body that have developed into limiting symptoms on your total wellbeing.

  • Neuro Spiritual Integration

    NSI is about brain integration and also reconnecting the 'Hearts' energy with the 'Mind's' energy. This draws upon Shamanic principles of Body-Soul Connection which has a profound effect on how our neurology operates also. This technique is about balancing and integrating the left and right hemispheres of the brain whilst reconnecting Body and Mind and The Heart and Soul.

  • Neuro Organisational Technique

    NOT is primarily looking to stabilise the skeleton of the body and establish full working order of the Primal Reflex systems of the body, which is what the Central Nervous System needs to have in balance to allow the CNS to work at 100% of its capacity. When this is achieved, the body becomes secure and organised much like a computer, and long term health changes can begin.

  • Iridology

    The eye beholds the blueprint of the whole working body, and we use this as a diagnostic tool to gain a view of the body imbalances at a physical level.

  • Nutrition

    Our extensive nutrition knowledge will allow us to assess any dietary changes needed and offer advice on improving digestive issues, weight management and anti allergy eating plans.

Conditions that respond well to our therapy
Back, Neck and Shoulder Issues - Sports Injuries - Headaches/Migraines - Vision Problems - Memory - Learning Difficulties - Motor Function Problems - Digestive Issues - Allergies - Mood Swings - Hormonal Issues - Toxicity - Flexibility Issues - General Fatigue - Chronic Fatigue - Behavioural Issues - Concentration Issues
The flow of health we believe is as follows:
Choice Governs Lifestyle

In most cases we do have the choice to do or not do the things that will bring health, disease or the various levels in between.

Lifestyle Governs Structure

Physical considerations. Emotional considerations. Nutritional considerations. Spiritual considerations. All have a direct and indirect impact on body structure

Structure Governs Function

If structure is in balance, then all systems will function with fluency.

Function Governs Health

If physiology can function consistently within homeostatic (ideal health) limits, then health and vitality will generally follow.

Heath Governs Quality of Life and Lifespan

Whether spoken, this is what everybody is asking for and instinctively wants.


I would like to thank David for helping me this past year, I didn't understand what kinesiology was about but had been recommended to try it regarding my son first who with the amount of sports he plays regularly has muscle strains or injuries not only has he helped in strengthening and helping his body balance he's also improved his eating habits which is a major plus. My son now regularly sees Dave on a 5-6 week basis and looks forward to it as he feels his body has improved with strength and feels the difference even in his mind set so that has been a huge difference even to us at home!

So to understand kinesiology myself I also have been seeing Dave which proved to me how this works, I also have been treated this last year for a shoulder injury that I received while trying to wakeboard I couldn't lift or use my left shoulder and had X-Ray's etc which I was told I need to have surgery due to wear and tear and calcification, this was no way an option with my work I do ( hairdresser) I started to have treatment with David on a weekly basis then fortnightly now I maintain my treatment and I have no pain in shoulder and can move lift and use without issues I've also seen chiropractors over the years for other reasons and will not go again I have no worries about recommending kinesiology as for the two of us we can see and feel the difference, also without pain! So big thank you Dave!

Nora & Jack Stone, Rowville, Vic

I have been a clients of Dave’s for over 2 years now, initially for treatment of a sporting injury and now for long term wellness, however I do not know what state of health (or lack of) I would be in if I had not had the fortune to find Dave.

It’s never a one-size-fits-all approach- he uses his extensive knowledge to assess what your body is telling him, to come up with the best and most appropriate treatment, not only for a short term (right then and there) approach, but also for the longer term. And not only that, he executes every aspect of his treatment with such kindness and care- my body and soul feel a million times better at the end of an appointment than they did at the beginning. I don’t know what people who do not have a Dave in their life do!

Shannon Young, Brighton, Vic

We are so grateful to have found David and Complete Integration. Not only has he helped me personally deal with my emotional baggage and managing stress, he has changed the dynamics in our family with my husband and children also seeing David regularly to ensure that we maintain a healthy balance between body, mind and spirit. After years of arguing, struggling and many times feeling as though every day was a constant struggle to keep the family together, we now enjoy a more peaceful, balanced life and can’t thank David enough for helping us make the change!

Tracey Johnson, Officer, Vic
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